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Pay Taxes by Debit or Credit Card ?Use Our IRS Tax Payment Services


Owe a balance on your taxes?

Why not make an IRS tax payment with your credit card or debit card!

The federal tax payment services option is provided by our partner Official Payments*. Charging your federal tax payment to a credit card offers a convenient way to give you some extra time to pay tax—no matter the balance due—via the terms of your credit card provider. You can also maximize credit card rewards by earning points, miles, or money back for every dollar you pay, depending on your card's reward program.

Here are some additional details:
  • To charge your taxes, visit www.officialpayments.com* or call toll free 1-866-4PAY-TAX (1-866-472-9829).

  • This service is available for making a federal tax payment and certain state returns filed on or before October 20, 2008.

  • American Express®, Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover® are accepted.

  • A convenience fee of 2.49% of the amount of your Federal tax payment will be charged for the use of this service.  The convenience fee for state payments may vary.   A $1 convenience fee will be charged for all tax payments less than $40.

  • The tax payment charge and convenience fee charge will appear separately on your credit card statement. The tax payment services will appear as "U.S. Treasury Tax Payment" and the convenience fee will appear as "Tax Payment Convenience Fee".

  • For high balance due payments, the charge will be broken into increments of $99,999 or lower depending on the institution that issues the credit card.





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